Monday, May 04, 2015

Sweaters - What Do You Like?

Before jumping right into sweater knitting, you will want to do some pre-pre-prep work (you know before the pattern, the yarn and the dreaded swatch).  I would encourage you first find something you want to wear for a few seasons. Sure, you can knit the latest fashion sweater too and I certainly love the latest, but one that will test the time of fashion is always good.  After all, you are going to put a bit of work into it, you want to be able to wear it longer than just this year.

First of all, you may want to go into your closet and see if there is a sweater or jacket or piece of clothing that you love wearing all the time.  For me, I have loved this Laura Ashley sweater forever.  I wish I had bought it in every color when I had the chance.  I get more compliments on it every time I wear it, even though, it is starting to get some little nubs on it.

Several years ago, I found a good substitute for it in a sweater pattern  -  Walpole
The plan then was to change the sleeves only.

I am making a confession here that it is still in the project bag, and I really need to get it out and knit some more on it, because it has potential for the late Summer early Fall transition time that I always seem to have lacking in my wardrobe.

Some other items that I have in my Spring/Summer wardrobe for work wear are Mizrahi's sweaters.  They are simple sweaters with both v-necks and crew neck bands and they fit the bill with a summer tank under them.  And they fit well, or at least I feel that they do.

In the last few years, I've knit a couple of sweaters that were on the order of my ready-to-wear sweaters above.  Both are Knitting Pure and Simple patterns.

For me, Knitting Pure and Simple patterns are perfect for first sweater knitters, but I'll post about other favorites in upcoming posts.

The purpose of today's post on sweaters is for you to think about what you like wearing, what makes you feel good when you wear it?  What is it about it that makes you like wearing it?  Is it the sleeve length, the body length, does it hit where it should, do you just love the color, is it something you want to wear?

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Drop Dead Gorgeous, Day 2

If you were in Central Illinois yesterday, or here at Chez Halverson, you know it was a good day.  The sky and weather was drop dead gorgeous.  And the Cardinals won!  This morning was just as pretty.

 I could not do my normal Saturday morning knitting routine as the yarn mobile is acting up and needs a service call which it is getting on Monday, so I had to stay home.  It did not stop me from having a bang up day all by myself.  Between laundry and cleaning out windows, I watched the game in the afternoon and knit.  And I worked a bit on the first of my knitting sweaters post.

I am finally at the end of the lace section of my Faroese Shawl and from here on to the end, it is lots of garter and keeping up with the decreases.  I love this style of shawl so much, I am already searching the stash to knit another one out of something a bit more soft.  

I also finished a repeat and started another repeat on my Hitofude out Sea Pearl.  Since I am such a loose knitter, my swatch indicated to me that I should use a size  1  needle.  I had a revelation yesterday while reading the pattern that I am knitting a sleeve, across the back and then the other sleeve.  More than likely, I am going to have to add a couple of repeats past what the pattern suggests to accomodate my pelican arms since when I gauge swatch I very rarely never pay any attention to row gauge.  

Hitofude, while having a pretty simple chart to follow is going to take me awhile.  I chose this dark charcoally color and you almost have to have a direct light over it when you were on it to make sure you or at least I can see what I am doing.  I am going to make this my night project when I am under good light.  I'd like to have it done for Knit Camp which is just a couple of months and a week away.

The Tall Guy finally got the chairs out on the front porch, so there  will be knitting out there today.

 We have got quite the rabbit pop in our front yard these days.

This morning verrrrry early we woke up and the Tall Guy saw about six rabbits all running around in front of the house in the street for about 10 minutes.  It was a bit dark, but the street light gave us a pretty good view of them.  What we could not see is what was going on with this tuft of grass.

 It moved a bit so we deduced that there was a rabbit there too.  Pretty soon, the rabbit took off down the street and all of "it's" little friends ran after it.

 The Tall Guy went out to check the tuft out and sure enough, there is a hole with the tuft of grass mixed with rabbit fur over it. A half an hour later, the rabbit was back gnawing on grass not to far away. 

The weather forecast for next week is mostly cloudy with some rain here and there, but for the most part, temperatures in Central Illinois are going to be in the 70's - 80.  I think we can safely say that the cold weather is gone.  This morning, however, would have been a nice morning for a sweater, so I do believe I'll start thinking about one to knit, how about you?