Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Websites

As next Wednesday is Christmas Eve, I am giving you the rest of the months/years Wednesday Websites all in one post!

I just love finding new websites that have really cool knitting related holiday stuff you can knit.or somewhat reflects knitting.  Unfortunately, I generally find them too late or just a couple of weeks before Christmas.  So, maybe if you really like some of these ideas, you can bookmark them and look at them again say July and get a head start.  I am thinkin that is what I'll do.


Tiny Tree Garland - Knitionary

Yarn Harlot's Advent Calendar and Gifts for Knitters Posts

Crocheted Ornaments

25 Days of Enabling - The Knitmore Girls

Smitten - Knit Picks Website

Cute Party Food - The Rainey Sisters

Silverware Stockings

Stockings for Gals at Work

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Problem With Being a Knitter

is when someone wants you to knit something for them out of the blue. Someone that normally wouldn't really give a wit about your knitting.

But, because I cannot say no, when it comes to my craft (well, I did say no to the guy at work who wanted me to knit his first grandson a Nemo blanket), I took on a couple of projects for co-workers in the spirit of the season.  They were not,  I repeat not, time and materials knitting but strictly materials knitting, but rather in promotion of my craft.

The first is a Jayne Hat from Firefly.  I have absolutely no idea who Jayne is and I have heard about Firefly, but that is all I can tell you about it.  I searched the internet for possibilities and came back with a couple of options and then headed down to one of my local yarn shops, Fiber Universe on my lunch hour and picked up the yarn.  Funny, as soon as I started picking up the colors, Erin, one of the owners knew exactly what I was knitting.  It would seem someone else had been in the day before getting yarn for one.  I sure hope it wash''t for the same person!

I found a decent pattern on Ravelry that lead me to Jayne's Hat.  I'm pretty pleased with the turnout, but I sure do dislike pompons!  Always have.

The second project was hat for this bare headed snowman.  Another sentimental piece, one of my co-workers has a set of these that someone knit for her and this one was missing a hat (we suspect the dog took off with it).

I had yarn on hand for it and it was a quick knit up, but then again, there was one of those dang pompons, even smaller than the one for the hat.

The Snowman was delivered today and the reaction was well worth the knitting of the little hat.  She was so proud of it, makes it all worthwhile.

The Jayne Hat goes tomorrow, and now,  both are done and  and I can return to my regularly scheduled knitting!  Yea.